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Preparing for Phase 2 of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

EOS Scheme Part 2

ESOS assessments are audits of the energy used by buildings, industrial processes and transport to identify cost-effective energy saving measures. This is a mandatory energy assessment scheme for organisations in the UK that meet the qualification criteria. It applies to any large UK undertaking and their corporate group and can also apply to not for profit bodies. A large undertaking is any UK company that employs at least 250 people or has a turnover in excess of €50 million. 


Organisations that qualify for ESOS must carry out assessments every 4 years, and the compliance deadline is 5th December 2019. This forms the second phase of the scheme whereby the first phase had previously been implemented with a compliance date of 5th December 2015, but this was poorly communicated, and many large organisations were affected by the regulations having been ill-prepared.

Companies that are affected, particularly those that have substantially increased or decreased in recent years should have regard to the following points:

• Engaging early in the process of ESOS to ensure a more effective and pain-free process.
• A lead assessor should be appointed to ensure legislation is fully complied with.
• Developing a clear scope of works from the outset.
• Ensure company objectives are considered to allow the most significant benefit from the process.
• Obtain reliable energy data.

All compliance activity must be complete, and the Environment Agency notified by 5th December 2019. While the compliance date was more relaxed for Phase 1 of the scheme, it is unlikely that such flexibility will be afforded this time, given the amount of information available.

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