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Compulsory Purchase & Regeneration

The use of a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) by local authorities and government agencies has become an increasingly common means to facilitate regeneration in addition to public works such as road and rail schemes. Importantly, the acquiring authority is obliged to use the ‘Compensation Code’. The fundamental principle aim of the code is that of 'equivalence' by putting the claimant in the same financial position after the scheme as they were before.

We offer a compulsory purchase service for both private and public sector clients in several capacities within the south east of England, focusing on Greater London into geographical areas far beyond our offices. We are aware of the many issues facing both property owners and occupiers, in addition to those of the acquiring authorities, which we believe make us stand out as advisors on such projects from inception to the final delivery of a scheme.

We offer a compulsory purchase service for both private and public sector clients in several capacities and can undertake the following:

      • Valuation of freehold and leasehold commercial property
      • Assessments of the costs of disturbance including removal and relocation costs, loss of business/profits
      • Potential extinguishment claims where commercial businesses need to cease as a result of compulsory purchase
      • Interpretation and application of compulsory purchase law

At the Master Plan stage of a scheme, or prior to the making of the CPO, the development agency needs estimates of the land take cost and local authorities rarely have the resources to undertake their own acquisition negotiations. Even where they do, they prefer independent expertise to represent them at the Lands Tribunal if a dispute arises.

Land swaps between public development agencies require an impartial opinion, so owners hire our team to advise on, present their claim and prosecute the settlement. We have experience in the complexities of disturbance compensation: business loss flowing from the dispossession.

Our experience extends to schemes promoted under:

      • The Housing Acts
      • Transport Acts
      • Education Acts
      • Town Planning Acts
      • Olympic Acts

Each of these has subtle differences in approach to compensation. We also represent objectors at public inquiries before confirmation of a CPO.

To learn more about our service or to discuss your needs, please contact a member of our team.