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Insolvency & Receivership

Our team offers industry-leading receivership and insolvency advice. We provide a personalised service tailored to create a solution by managing all affairs that produce maximum value with minimal losses.

Strettons have an active team of registered property receivers, including one of the most experienced property receivers in the industry.

We have been appointed by:

      • Every kind of UK and overseas lender
      • The High Court
      • Bridging and development lenders
      • Private and public companies who have secured investments through a fixed charge

Our work in the commercial insolvency and receivership sector involves assisting liquidators and banks in realising distressed property assets. This is reinforced by the expertise from Strettons' in-house commercial and residential agencies, investment, valuation and property management departments.

Our strength here is based on efficient service and the experience to create an appropriate exit strategy. Many of our cases involve fraud or other crime (we are a member of the Fraud Advisory Panel), as well as other insolvencies such as administration and bankruptcy.

To learn more, please contact a member of our team.