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Development Viability


Helping clients ascertain the viability of their planned property development

Property development viability is an integral part of the town planning process in a proposed new development. We are aware of the many issues facing property owners, developers and local authorities, which we believe makes us stand out as advisors on such projects from inception to the final development.

In recent years we have established ourselves as a specialist in this property sector by providing highly professional advice that has added value to many of our clients in an area that has become an increasingly crucial part of the planning and development process.


The property development projects we work on

We specialise in working with private property developers, local authorities and viability consultants to support the negotiation of Section 106 Agreements, particularly in relation to the provision of affordable housing. We have built up close working relationships with various financial viability consultants and are experienced at working as part of a larger development team.



We offer services to both public and private sector clients in several capacities and can undertake the following:

Valuation of the Existing Land/ Buildings (EUV)/ Alternative Use Value (AUV)

This is essential to establish a ‘Benchmark Value’ as part of the viability process and negotiations. We have experience of advising on all property types including:

      • Industrial
      • Retail
      • Office
      • Residential
      • Cleared sites

The accurate valuation of the existing building and land to establish the EUV/AUV is vital in ensuring proper and effective negotiations with the Local Authority to establish the ‘Benchmark Value’.


Valuation of New Units/Space within the Proposed Scheme

This is essential to accurately and independently assess the value of the proposed new development. We have experience of advising on all aspects of new-build schemes including:

      • Commercial 
      • Residential private tenure 
      • Residential affordable tenure (shared ownership, intermediate, affordable and social rent)
      • Residential and commercial ground rents
      • Car parking


We are uniquely placed in the market in that we also specialise in the valuation and disposal of affordable tenure housing. We create a tailored approach to work with the client, viability consultant and the whole team.


To learn more about our property development viability services or to discuss your needs, please contact a member of our team.