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Development Consultancy & Affordable Housing Inspection Protocols

Affordable housing and development consultancy protocols2

A key part of any property valuation is the inspection of an existing property, a site to be developed or a scheme under construction. For the last two months, physical inspections have been on hold while we all adhere to government guidance.

In recent weeks, we have reviewed both Government and RICS guidelines to formulate a detailed Health and Safety Practice Statement setting out how we are now able to undertake property inspections. 

The safety and wellbeing of our team, clients and communities are of utmost importance, and the following protocols are now in place to ensure we can serve our clients and deliver our advice while maintaining the safety of all.



      • Before attending an inspection, we will agree on the extent of the required internal or external inspection of a building, or in the case of a site, we will determine if it can be viewed from the street.
      • We will request information that will assist with the inspection and help us plan our visit. This information will include floor plans, floor areas, specification, marketing details or development brochures. We will confirm if the property is occupied or not, as well as who we may encounter on the inspection.
      • Strettons team members are supplied with all necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the property inspection and are aware of the requirements as set out by the Government and RICS guidance.
      • Risk Assessment Form will be completed and approved internally prior to any inspection and stored in our central records. 
      • Inspection of a commercial property or new development will require confirmation from a client that there are appropriate COVID-19 policies in place.
      • We will confirm that no one at the property is designated as clinically extremely vulnerable. If they are, we will not be able to inspect the property.
      • We will confirm that no one present or recently at the site has been requested to self-isolate or has COVID-19 symptoms, as set out in Government guidance. If they are, we will not be able to inspect the property.
      • While on-site, we will maintain a distance of 2 metres at all times.
      • Our staff will not travel between inspections by public transport unless necessary. They are also aware of their obligation to self-isolate should they experience any symptoms.


With these measures in place and our foundation of working remotely as a fully operational team, we are confident in our abilities to deliver our services to the level you expect. My team and I look forward to continuing working with you and providing solutions through the challenging times ahead.