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Webinar: Introduction to Supported Living Investments

Supported Living Investments

Supported Living is a fast emerging property investment asset class. We joined together with EPC Property Group to host a webinar looking at Supported Living as a potential a hedge against the impact of Covid-19 on the property sector.

As a result of the market, many investors are actively seeking options to diversify and consider alternative investment strategies. The Supported Living sector has been invested in heavily by funds and REITs for a number of years. It is still largely unknown to many property investors and yet it may provide a suitable alternative property asset class for some as part of a wider investment strategy to combat the impact of Covid-19 on the property market.

We hope you find this webinar useful and look forward to answering any enquiries.

  • 3:10 - EPC Property Group partnership with Strettons
  • 3:39 - Impact of Covid on the commercial property sector
  • 4:19 - Introduction to Supported Living
  • 6:29 - A growing asset class & recent news about Supported Living investments
  • 7:16 - Impact of Covid on the Supported Living sector
  • 8:25 - Government support post-Covid
  • 9:27 - Lease transaction approval process
  • 12:55 - Typical Supported Living lease profile compared to Assured Shorthold
  • 17:14 - Pricing of a Supported Living asset
  • 19:03 - Why invest in Supported Living?


About EPC Property Group

EPC Property Group is an innovative asset investment and finance company with a social conscience. They are committed to delivering affordable housing and infrastructure for key workers, the public sector and affordable general need. 

Opening up a new frontier, EPC Property is able to provide finance, acting as a private-sector vehicle to introduce welcome homes, jobs and investment across the UK. They share clients’ need to deliver by deploying private money into the market.

Their framework is centred around four key themes: Social, Environmental, Governance and Technology.

With a wealth of experience and relationships in real estate, finance and the public sector, EPC has the agility, financial backing and knowledge to provide tailored solutions across the UK to deliver a key housing need in the post-COVID landscape.